Be Careful With Your Blogging Language

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Buggface… or you may be surprised of side effects, not all of which are amusing on second thought. Look what I discovered today…

My recent post was on the SEO topic, and I gave it the title “Page Rank Sculpting My A*s”.1 I personally find the “X my a*s” expression quite funny, even cool. However, I normally avoided such language in my blog, mostly because I’ve seen that others avoid it, too. But this time I thought: What the heck! What’s the worst that can happen?

Guess what happened?

Now that post ranks on page #1 in Google!

For the term “sculpting my a*s“! 🙁

While this might be funny, there is another aspect that is not that funny. Guess what ads are served on that post? Flirting and singles websites! At least when I view it. 🙁

Now what does that tell me?

Google/AdSense put much more weight on keywords in titles / headings than anywhere else. The aforesaid term is  nowhere in the post content, but ads are (obviously) served based on that term.

Search engines are so infinitely dumb! 😮 🙂

  1. For obvious reasons I did not fully spell out the last word. []

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