Content Elements & Styles Taxonomy Quest

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MammalsI have a terminology issue that I hope you can help me with. I’m looking for some terms that would be clear / intuitive to marketers, copywriters, and ideally web designers. Here’s what they are about:

On websites, we often see content wrapped in or decorated with specific elements. For example text wrapped in a box, often with an icon to one side, representing some important message. Or decorated with icons, typically with fancy bullet points like check marks, start or arrows. Or organized in tabs and toggles.

I do have a feel for what these elements are. I see two sub-functions: Organizing content (ex. tabs), and decorating content (ex. bullets and boxes). The latter have the function to visually (and emotionally, sort of) support the message that the content is meant to express.

What I am looking for are the correct terms for these things.

I’m sure that marketers, copywriters and/or designers have words for them, I just don’t know which words they use.

Here is a presentation that hopefully helps to clarify the matter:

If you are versed in any of the fields copywriting, web design, internet marketing, user experience design, please help!

Thanks a ton in advance!

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