New Spam Blocker Paying Off Already

May 23, 2009   //   by Hackadelic   //   Blog  //  No Comments
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OkAfter 24 hours I can tell that the new spam blocker is doing a fairly good job. There’ve been only 3 spam entries in my spam queue today, when it would have been perhaps 200 before. That’s a hell of an improvement, right?

I had to change some things in order to make it work efficiently though. Immediately after installing ““Invisible Defender” I got several spam entries in just a couple of minutes, so I figured the author is right about spam-bots having been adapted already. I quickly skimmed through the code (I could do that easily because I chose a small, lean solution, remember?), and found potential for some quick improvements. Now, the blocker works like a charm.

I just hope it does not block real comments. (If you think your comment has been blocked accidentally, just drop me a note.)

In retrospect, would I install a spam blocker right from the beginning? Probably no. (But that is not true about a spam filter, like Akismet. It’s an absolute must-have.) I think it was important to experience spam in it’s “unobscured” form before blocking it, to be able to judge about a spam blocker at all.

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