Sliding Notes 1.3.1 Bugfix Release

Jan 18, 2009   //   by Hackadelic   //   WordPress  //  6 Comments

Unfortunately, a small glitch had slipped into the 1.3.0 release that caused sliding notes to be “dead” (not expandable) on the front page. I just released a fixed version, 1.3.1 – a “Presidential Bugfix Release”, if your want 😉

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Some-one is going to have to use this in a page with comments; (needs developing)

    1- Show a list of latest comments by commenter name
    2- Click the name to open up full text or excerpt
    3- Click embedded link to go to the comment in situ.

    1- show a list of my last ‘x’ comments’
    2- Open each comment via sliding notes
    3- Click embedded link to go to comment

  • Ah yes, it works now 🙂

    Thank you for your help.


  • Hmm okay, so I copied and pasted the new code into my.css, but it still seems to be having problems. Did I miss something?

    Thanks for your help.


    • Raymond, your page looks fine to me now. I see no difference to your front page.

      Have you reset your browser cache?

  • Hi,

    Slideing Notes are working great on the frontpage but if you go to one of my posts page, it gets all funky:

    Note that sliding note’s text appears on the side widgets.

    What’s going on?



    • Hi Raymond,

      you haven’t updated your CSS yet, as requested in the announcement. In particular, the CSS clauses for the “hidden” and “block” classes are missing.

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