Sliding Notes Wish List

Christmas wish list to Santa

Any Sliding Notes feature you’d like to see in a future version?

Suggest it here.

Note however, that
I can’t promise to implement every suggestion.
But I’ll sure consider each one of them.


  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m so technically inept — but your plugin was easy enough that even I, with my minimal intuition, was able to figure out how to get your plugin working after installation. And I have the newest version of WP and there don’t seem to be any initial compatibility problems.

    If I could have anything for this Christmas 😉 it’d be a button at the bottom of the note to make it zip back up again — because my expanding notes are inches and inches long (transcripts of videos for my English students).

    For example…

    I’m planning on donating anyway, but if there’s any way that I could actually fund the labor involved in making this “zip up” button, I’d be very interested! Thanks again!

    • Jaime, your Christmas wish has been noted, and it will find it’s way into a future release 🙂

  • @saintneko has a request I would also like to see in the Sliding Notes. Hide/close text on the right of the button.

    Tobais who built WP Table Reloaded has a great tutorial, a bit beyond my depth.

  • Beautiful plugin!
    – I just wish you could include a complete overview of how to implement the different possible functionalities in the sliding notes – like a button image, the group effect, rollover/hint text etc. – and the correct way to write it. At least I can’t find it anywhere(?)
    I believe this includes most of it (but all?)
    [slider title="Read more..." hint="Click to open" group=A]Text to appear here[/slider]
    and now I coincidentally found the sliding overview in this post and this CSS to include an image in the button.

    • Kjetil, (sigh) I wish I could find the time to do that comprehensive documentation…

      I try to keep the documentation organized in the “Sliding Notes Advice” series. In the Use Cases chapter, there is a list of the most recent articles in the series, and at the top of each article you can find the complete series listing. I know it’s not perfect, but that’s what I’ve got. 🙁 I hope to improve upon it some day.

  • Would be great. JP

  • i was thinking if option could be add it to view one slider at the time.
    you click one to open the other will close automatically. this way you could build quite long documents but only one content (slider) will show.

    • JP, I think this has already been requested elsewhere, but I believe that’s a totally different usage concept (though the core functionality of it would be pretty easy to implement). However, while I’m writing this, I’m getting an idea how to elegantly solve it. I’ll give it some more thought. Anyway, thanks a lot for your input. 🙂

  • For the guardian website, I honestly think it should be made with CSS only. The JS code here is only necessary for the sliding effect. the same is true for the BBC thingy.

  • Take a look at the Guardian website here
    In the first side panel you can see some nice sliding summaries when you hover over image thumbnails. Seems like a juicy extension possibility of Sliding notes?

    See this BBC article here
    You can see a pull quote in a grey box half way down. Imagine being able to hover on that quote and see the full text open up! Another sliding notes possibility?

  • Awesome, figured it out. Thank so much for making the whole span the clickable link, automatically makes any background image a part of the click-function.

    Well, I just upgraded wordpress and found out the hard way that if you’re restyling the default theme and didn’t copy it to a new directory, you lose all your hard work to the upgrade demons. Thankfully i had a backup from last night, but I lost all the fancy styling work i spent the last few hours carefully crafting with the new background image and what-not. /sigh, at least I’ll never be making that mistake again.

    At least I didn’t lose the whole last week’s worth of work. ^.^

    • Saintneko, that’s why I use the MyCSS plugin, to put my custom CSS into a separate file (my.css).

  • Sounds good – you’re the programmer so you’d know better than I. I’m solidly visual-oriented (which is why I like nice, simple stuff like your hack) so I’ll leave the technicals up to you, if you find it possible I’ll rejoice, if not I’m entirely satisfied with what I got now.

    Interesting trick of Randy’s… I guess maybe he inserted a background image into the CSS, or does the title element accept <img src…> inside it, perhaps with some escaping of special characters? I will go play around with this when I am back from microscopy class.

    Thanks for the plugin!

  • saintneko has shared these feature ideas:

    two feature requests I have – separate states of the ‘click for’ button so it can say “click to show” and “click to hide” or whatever you’d like, with separate styles for each (so you can have a button that turns into a tab when the bottom slides out).

    number two – the ability to input images into the “click to show” / “click to hide” states.

    • Saintneko, thanks for sharing your ideas.

      As for your second wish: It already is possible to add images to the slider button, as Randy did.

      About your first wish: I like to keep things as simple as possible, and I’m not sure if a bistate feature would be a bit out of scope of the plugin. It would mean you’d need another title parameter, and I bet you’d come up with a wish to adapt the image, too. If I can think of a way to avoid complications (and I mean complication of usage, not only implementation), it’d sure be a nice enhancement to Sliding Notes.

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