TOC Boxes 1.2.1 Resolves Conflict With Nofollow Reciprocity

Mar 13, 2009   //   by Hackadelic   //   WordPress  //  5 Comments
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Conflict ResolutionThe other day I installed the Nofollow Reciprocity plugin… and Bang! – another plugin conflict saw the light of day: On multipage posts, exactly at the second page the TOC boxes got entirely messed up.

Since I do not really use the multipage feature, I only noticed today, while working on, and testing,1 new TOC Boxes features. It took me a while to figure out that there is no bug in the TOC Boxes code, but a conflict stemming from somewhere else. Once I realized this though, it wasn’t hard to guess where the conflict comes from. After deactivating “Nofollow Reciprocity”, everything went back to normal.

Given the symptoms of the conflict, it was also not too hard to figure out a workaround: As the conflict appeared to manifest only on absolute URLs, I simply changed my plugin to generate relative URLs in the TOC box. And voi-là: Everything was fine again.

As I like relative URL’s better anyway, this is like the proverbial killing of two birds with one stone.2

So there it is, go ahead and grab it.

  1. Aye, I test all the way long while I develop! 😉 []
  2. Except that I would never have the heart to kill a bird – with a stone. 😉 []


  • P.S. an example can be seen on

    • John, that’s a great idea. I love it. And right in time for the next major release of the plugin I’m working on. 🙂

      I’ll expand on your suggestion to use the auto-generated title as fallback to make it fail-safe, and include it in my next release.

      Thanks for a great hint!

  • Zoran,

    I’ve made a small change to TOC Boxes so the anchors use a sanitized version of the header text, rather than the current numbering system. This gives you anchors such as ‘#download’ instead of ‘#toc-anchor-17-5’.

    I thought you might like to include it in a future release of TOC Boxes. There’s a patch here.


  • Appreciated if you can change the photo clip of this post. It makes me thinking of tragedies of school shooting happened recently in Germany and the US …

    • Patrick, I’m sorry that you see it that way. It was not my intention to make provoke any connotation whatsoever with those tragic occurrences.

      But Patrick, I feel it’s a bit disproportionate to request that I change my illustration. Sorry, but I have a different view.

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