TOC Boxes 1.2 With Multipage Support Released

Mar 4, 2009   //   by Hackadelic   //   WordPress  //  3 Comments
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I’m proud to announce that, thanks to Sascha’s hint, TOC-Boxes now support multi-page posts.

Download it as usual at

When a post is split into multiple pages (by using the <!--nextpage--> tag), the individual pages are accessible under different URL’s.

Prior to version 1.2, each page could contain a TOC box of own by placing the shortcode in the related post segment. However, the TOC included only local links.

With version 1.2, a TOC box always contains all headings across pages, including non-local ones.

You still need to place a TOC box shotcode on every individual page that should contain one (and can choose to position and style it differently on each).


  • Sure hope I have this right –
    I want to present content in a form similar to a book, similar to a text-book where the content is inherently sequential.

    As I understand you, I can write posts with h1-h4 headings and this plugin creates a TOC that I can place where? As part of the page or perhaps even into the sidebar?

    What about inserting an h3-page after I already published a set of pages in a place that did not have an h3 sub-title?

    Many thanks for what you have contributed thus far. It looks that CMS for WordPress has finally arrived, even if through a plugin-backdoor. EUREKA!!


    • EB, as the plugin homepage explains, you control the placement in the post or page with the toc shortcode. It is not meant to work across several independent pages. It covers multi-page entries though. Since the TOC box is rendered at page display time, it reflects the most current TOC state of your entry.

  • Thats great, thank you!

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