YouTube Inside A Sliding Note

Dec 20, 2008   //   by Hackadelic   //   WordPress  //  3 Comments

I’ve just received an email asking whether Sliding Notes support embedding YouTube videos inside.

I’m happy to confirm that they do! Here is a cool video» that proves it!

I used the Insights plug-in to embed the video object directly between the slider tags.

But: Using a video (or any other) shortcode in a Sliding Note is currently not supported.


  • I love the slider. I am frustrated by posts like this that don’t show the short code examples – just the result. I could use a page of slider examples that show the shortcode!

    What was the shortcode behind the “a cool video” example?

    • Dennis,

      if you have read the post, you should know it is about the Sliding Notes plugin. There is a link to its homepage right in the first sentence of it. There you can find all the details about the short code and its usage, and references to examples and tips.

      Also, if you have read reb’s comment (the only other comment when you submitted yours), you would have learned that you only need to paste the standard youtube embed code inside the shortcode in order to have the video inside.

      It’s all there. All it takes is to click and read. 😉

  • once I figured out how to pass shortcode into text widgets, I discovered that you can dump a default youtube embed code in and it works just fine – coolness!

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