The Hackadelic Advantage

The greatest values I can offer are speed and quality.

Motion Blur FrozenSpeed means I can get more things done for you in less time, and with less code. Software is developed to achieve business goals. Speed in this context means getting closer to your goals sooner. That alone is a huge competitive advantage for you.

Less code means less ballast you need to take with you, as a part of your website. Clearly, less code is more easily changed than more code. That’s a simple calculation. So less code means more speed in the future. It ensures that, should you business goals change in the future, you preserve the speed of adapting your technological foundation to them.

Quality means even more speed. With fewer bugs, there’s less that slows you down. Ideally, with no bugs at all, the only situation when you need to change your software is when your goals change.

That’s what I do: I deliver high quality solutions that will allow you to be as fast-paced as you please.