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Brand Your Free Web Software

Feb 11, 2010   //   by Hackadelic   //   Blog  //  5 Comments

Unbrand AmericaBrands. They are everywhere. Cars, electronics, sportswear… Even food. In every-day life, wherever a product is publicly visible, the manufacturers take care their brand is visible, too. When we drive our car, we showcase their brand. When we carry a newly bought computer home, we showcase their brand on the package. Heck, where I live, even the supermarket plastic bag is showcasing the supermarket’s brand. In our every-day “off-line” life, we don’t really expect a product – any product – to come unbranded.1 What about our on-line life? Read more >>

  1. There are exceptions, of course. The branding needs to be adequate. Nobody would buy an Armani smoking with a fat shiny Armani sign on the back, even if Armani may like the idea of a dinner banquet full of Armani logos. []
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