A Fire That Flies: DVD Cult And Delight

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Every now and then, a film or TV series is made that seems to transcend the separation between reality and fiction, between cast and audience, between “them” and “us”. Not only for the story they tell, but also – and especially – because of the casts and their distinctive and lovingly coined roles, these artworks manage to become almost a second home to their fans, and the characters therein almost like close friends.

Such artworks become what is usually called a cult!

As of recently, I count the film Serenity to my personal cult. I’ve seen it about 4 times now, and it never gets boring. Here’s a final scene from it:

Final scene from the film “Serenity”

Click (at your own risk) to see a nice compilation of scenes from the film.»

With my appetite quickened, I recently bought the series upon which it builds, Firefly.

I’m currently watching it, and though only at the beginning, it is rapidly rising up my personal favorites list. I’m sure it’ll make it into my personal cult, too. 🙂

Click (at your own risk) to see a nice compilation of scenes from the series.»

I just love the Firefly crew. Many series live from the 2-3 main roles, and everybody else seems to be a “gap filler”. Not here. The crew counts 8 members, and every single character is specific, with his own personal odds. They are the kind of guys you can’t just like, but love them.

You may have noticed that I didn’t write anything about the actual plots. I won’t. I don’t want to spoil your pleasure of discovering the plot for yourself.

Here are the DVD’s, in case I whetted your appetite: 😉

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