Get Sexy, Get Social, Get Real

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Get Real TinThese are the goals for my re-branding process:

  • Get Sexy
  • Get Social
  • Get Real


Here you go:

Get Sexy:

Overhaul site appearance. I’m annoyed by my old theme. I need more modern looks, and I need more modern features. I need a blog that I can identify with again – see point “Get Real”.

Get Social:

Engage in and integrate social network activities. Make use of the now well-evolved API’s for cross-site / cross-network interaction.

Crowding up is not exactly my nature. I could never find pleasure in Twitter, for example. And that’s exactly why it tempts me to jump into it. And of course I’m curious about the technological background behind it.

Get Real:

Recollect and focus on my true strengths and desires. Be closer to my true self in what I do and write, both biz- and otherwise.

The “Get Real” thing is probably behind both above points. I didn’t feel connected to my blog any longer, didn’t feel authentic. For a while I thought I didn’t like the “Hackadelic” name anymore. But then I realized it’s not the name, but the format that turned me off. And that I have deviated from the path and vision that I had in mind (or rather in my heart), when I started the blog. (Read the whole story here.)

Hence, getting real again is actually top priority.

But it sounds better in the order given. 😉

So here it goes, my new “road map”: Get sexy, get social, get real.

But first:

Get Cracking! 🙂

And off he went to work on it…

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