Learn Internet Marketing Or Die Trying

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Search-Engine-MarketingJust a short status update, and an “excuse” for not having posted for quite a while now:

I dived into learning what I consider my weakest area, Internet Marketing, and it’s a project that absorbs almost all of my spare time.

The reason for this is simple. I’m extremely versed in everything technical. Alas, technical excellence is not even nearly sufficient for commercial success. Software Engineering is my Art, like music or painting is for some others. I can code almost everything, but my day has 24 hours like for everybody else. The logical consequence: If I can code everything, I can as well code stuff for which there is market demand.

The “only” thing I need to do is learn how to conduct a proper market research. The thing is, while I feel at home with everything technology, marketing is a completely different universe to me. Just getting into a “marketing mindset” is a struggle of biblical proportions. 😉

Anyway, that’s what I’m currently doing. Learn IM or die trying. And it will go on for a while. And keep me from writing. But it will pay out, I know! It MUST! 🙂

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