Sliding Notes Showcase

This is the Sliding Notes Showcase – a place to share real-world applications of and experiences with and around Sliding Notes. (Please, no feature requests here. Submit them on the Sliding Notes Wish List. And no issues either – they go onto the Sliding Notes Homepage.)

Sliding Notes Showcase

If you use Sliding Notes, and you wish to tell the world about it,
or you want to share any interesting or novel ways of utilizing it:
This is the place to share your experience.
Thank you for your participation.


  • Integrated sliding notes into my ‘The World’ section as a way for readers to learn about my webcomic’s world. Worked like a dream, and I even put them into nice little tables, too! Thanks so much for this!

  • You can see Sliding Notes working beautifully on my site, VirtualProfessors at this page:

    From that page, click on any (may be one or two not using it) of the courses to see it in action. For example, this page:

    Just click on the orange boxes.

  • Wondering if it is possible to have an active or selected css state on the sliderButton ie color change?

  • Is there a limit to the number of sliding notes you can implement in a single post? I tried to put several, but after the 8th one my post started coming up blank when I updated. As soon as I removed the most recent sliding note, it was fine again. Any suggestions?

    • Jenn, theoretically there is no limit. In the past, some limitation’s of PHP’s regular expression engine (the underlying technology used in the plugin) has imposed some limitations on shortcode-based plugins in general, but they showed only on extremely long posts (with more than 10’000 words or so). The low limit of 8 seems like a very specific problem bound to your concrete website configuration.

  • Hellow, Hackadelic. I use your plugin all over the place in my online novel, “The Adventures of Gil and Kiddu in the Kingdom of the Mystics.” It’s written sort of like an interactive/choose-your-own-adventure book; so if you click on a character’s name, the novel “expands” to show a conversation with that character, or a description, etc.

    Not great literature or anything, but it was fun to experiment, and your plugin really helped with that. Thanks!

  • Hackadelic have been using your sliding notes for the last year and they are awesome. You can see my live show case below.

    Thanks again Muzza!

    • Great looking use-case, Muzza! 🙂

  • Hi! i am using your awesome little hack on my homesite – clubneko to control the display of my in-line podcast posts.

    two feature requests I have – separate states of the ‘click for’ button so it can say “click to show” and “click to hide” or whatever you’d like, with separate styles for each (so you can have a button that turns into a tab when the bottom slides out).

    number two – the ability to input images into the “click to show” / “click to hide” states.

    But, totally awesome. I love it.

  • Randy Weizenkeim uses Sliding Notes on KrikelKrakelPlanet to wrap translations of post content, while avoiding content bloat.

  • Sliding Notes utilized in Hackadelic Series to give automatically inserted series information a touch of AJAX, providing for an elegant and unobtrusive series post index.

  • I love this plugin. I use it here for simple footnote type references. Thanks for your work!

  • Sliding Notes 1.3.1 successfully cooperates with the Lightbox2 WordPress plug-in. The two plug-ins together provide for a “Sliding Gallery”. You can see an impressive demonstration of it on Gage Parker’s portfolio page.

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