Sliding Notes Lessons – Beware of HTML Tags In Title

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<span class=Since I published Sliding Notes, I’ve repeatedly seen people formatting their slider button title italic, and thereby effectively inserting HTML tags into it, like so

[slider title=”some title“]…[/slider]

resulting in: some title»

This is not a practice I’d recommend. Instead, you should use inline CSS style to achieve the same effect,» like so

[slider title=”same effect” bstyle=”font-style:italic”]different approach[/slider]

I recommend this method, because the slider title is used verbatim to form the hint message that gets shown when you hover the mouse over the slider button. In the first case, the resulting message is literally “Expand collapse slider: <em>some title</em>”, which is probably not what you want.

I admit, the first approach seems to be the more intuitive one (and is more appealing, too), and a future version is likely to resolve this in a different way. Until then, I recommend to employ the alternative I’ve just described.


  • Hi
    First of all. Thankyou for a fantastic plugin. Im going thru a seperation right now but when im on my feet I will definitely be making a contribution to your geniusness!

    Q. I am trying to put a bold header in for the slider but it simply wont show up?

    here is the code:

    [slider title="Mandatory Public Liability" ]

    • Sean, separation? Ouch!

      Do you man you try to make the button bold?

      [slider title="Mandatory Public Liability" bstyle="font-style:bold"]your slider text[/slider]

  • I’ve got an idea for this plugin on a site of mine, but I have a question. I’d like to list the series in my sidebar. But I don’t see a way to link to a series. Can that be done?

    • Mark, isn’t this the wrong post for your comment? 😉

      Anyway, I assume you mean listing all series, not all posts in the same series as the current one, do you?

      Unfortunately, it can’t be done with the current version, but I’ve made a note to include that feature some day.

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