When Greatness Dies

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Michael Jacksonthe world stops for a moment.

There is something incredibly moving in the planet’s atmosphere today. It is the sadness and shock of millions fans around the globe who bemoan the death of Michael Jackson.

I wouldn’t call myself a true fan. And yet, it is hard to believe that the man whose songs you grew up with, whose music accompanied you through crazy, fragile, wild, incredibly important stages of your life, is no longer among us.

I have no words. Just a bow before a great artist, who reshaped the music landscape forever.

Thank You, Michael! And shine on, You Crazy Diamond!

You will be remembered:

Billie Jean» Thriller» Beat It» Bad» Dirty Diana» Give In To Me»

This is the “offical” version

There is also an unreleased version of “Give In To Me”:

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