Windows 7 vs. XP – More interesting views shared

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Todd of has recently shared with me his view on Windows 7 vs XP, responding to a prior guest post on my blog. Below I reproduce his utterly profound and well-written comments on this matter.

I am always surprised that so many people think Windows 7 is better than Windows XP. Sure there are advantages that the industry is syntheizing (i.e. Microsoft is actively forcing/encouraging software and hardware developers to cease support of XP). But the actual XP operating system itself, if it were maintained, would be far superior to Windows 7.

The big problem with Windows is .NET which is basically a machine langauge interpreter. This is nerd speak that means that every program runs in a virtual machine rather than directly in the CPU. If a virtual machine is 10% efficient (which is about right) that means 90% of your hardware CPU’s power is waiting around for .NET to tell it what to do. That slows down everything and it puts Microsoft in a King’s position: if AMD wants their CPU to be the ‘fastest’ they pay Microsoft to produce an optimized .NET implementation for their CPU. If Intel wants to be the fastest, they do the same. Microsoft controls the virtual machine and therefore innovation in hardware CPUs is unseen.

Security is a joke on any O/S – whether it be Mac, Linux, Windows, B or DOS. The bottom line is that when an OS gets a user base of 50% of more of the population the HACKERS WILL COME. There is no such thing as good security because a great hacker can always beat good security.

Finally, Windows XP is more cost efficient. It will run fine in 512MB RAM on a machine that is circa 2003. If your construction firm wants to computerize you can buy 10 dell vostros that are 3 years old for $200 each or you can buy 10 brand new machines with Windows 7 for $799 each. A $500 price difference per unit can buy a lot of software and services… or just leave you with extra cash in the bank.

In summary, Windows 7 is a bloated O/S with tons of useless features that try to protect the home user from himself. It is a product based on capitalism because it creates a slow onerous workplace that can only be remedied by repurchasing brand new hardware.

Consumers who buy into Windows 7 will soon find that it does exactly what XP did but at a higher price.

These days the best deal is a refurbished XP computer with a new hard disk drive installed in it and a smart local computer tech to help you when you have a question.

BTW at a Microsoft Developer Conference I recently attended the speakers indicated Windows 8 will revert back to many of the policies Windows XP Professional had. Ofcourse you’ll need to pay for the upgrade if you want your Windows XP version 8. Micro$oft Windows is like our government… too big, too bloated and somewhat unethical!!


  • its true windows 7 is fat and slow. i run xp for most years and feelin fine.

  • ha nice… an honest view..! thanks

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