Adblock Plus Footer JavaScript Impedance

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html tag italicizedAccording to the Yahoo Extreme Web Performance Team, javascript loading should be moved to the END of the page to improve the perceived page loading speed. (And Vladimir Prelovac has provided us with a plug-in that does this.)

However, users of Firefox and the exceptionally powerful Adblock Plus extension, might encounter the opposite effect.

With Adblock active, when a page is loaded, it first appears unstyled (as if there was no stylesheet, or as if stylesheet processing has been turned off in Firefox), before it turns into it’s final shape. It happens regularly when a page is fully reloaded (after clearing the cache, for ex.).

On my computer, the effect is visible for perhaps half a second or so – more then enough time for an aesthetes eye to suffer.

I have seriosly considered moving my javascript back to the page header. I finally decided it’s not quite reason enough. But it’s well worth making a note about it, anytime. 🙂

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