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Cosmic HandI plan on doing some fundamental changes to my site. Most importantly, I’ll switch away from WordPress… [A moment of unbearable silence drills though the audience, a moment that seems to extend to eternity… Will he stop developing those great WordPress plugins? Do we have to abstain from his fabulous, though sometimes unconventional, even weird insights he shared with us on WordPress?]

Mmmm… Easy there! No reason to despair! 😉

I’ll stay faithful to WordPress (and for quite a while I think). But I’ll switch to WPMU. I’m not going to go into details why (though it should be obvious that WPMU’s ability to power several blogs simultaneously is one of the main reasons).

Switching to WPMU is probably the biggest step, as I have to figure out how to move all my content, including comments, without loosing any of it, and with minimum blog down-time.

Another thing I’ll do is switching the theme. Amazing grace was great at the beginning, and I thank Valdimir for giving it to the world, but I feel I’m hitting its limits, so it’s time to get some new clothes that fit better. I do have a personal favorite already, but it’ll take a while tweaking it to my final liking.

All this is going to keep me busy for some time, so I may not post as often as I’d like to. (Though I never do. I’d love to write more than time permits, especially when I spend the time writing in PHP, instead of English 😉 )

Stay around, folks. I’ll see you soon.


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  • Wish you success in the new development with WPMU and new applications.

    When I see it, I will understand it better by the examples you delivered to us …
    You write codes, I apply it in various valued added purposes for a better community …

    Last but not the least, feel free to let me know if there are anything I can assist (my usual wording to all customers)

    Patrick (HKG)

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