Expand Your Fraud Defense Repertoire

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This is a quick post I just couldn’t resist doing. 😉

Credit CardsIn times of recession, fraud is on the rise. In order to protect yourself from fraud, you need to learn to recognize the fraud techniques of manipulation. And learn how to react when facing those techniques. Expand your fraud defense repertoire by watching this FTC video.


  • Thank you for your articles. I read your plug-in/widget pages and comments as well. There doesn’t seem to be a place to post general comments that you can delete so I hope you don’t mind I did so here.

    1] I am interested in your services … Emergency … no… but I have an idea for something I’d like to make.

    2] I use FireFox for WP and other web work but have IE 9 that was pre-installed on my new computer which I haven’t deleted yet. FireFox is loaded with many goodies I added but even with hiding some plugins in side menus its cluttered so for a clean window I use IE sometimes — alas I know it’s not anyone’s fav browser but did you know that the — read more — in the blog doesn’t appear in IE 9? Also the feedback side tab overlaps the comment area over the enter e-mail address box and also the website box — should users of IE go away….;) ….just kidding. Plus on the pages with images between your discussion on widgets plugs-in etc … the CSS? images (squares) don’t show up in IE also… thought you’d like to know.

    Sorry if this is the wrong place for this comment …

    • Thanks for the hints

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