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Making Money Quick Takes TimeIn my prior post I talked about why it is a systemic property of making-money-quick programs to not provide a noteworthy oportunity for making any real money. Now making these considerations is not rocket science. How come there are so many who fall for this shit in spite of everything?

The crux is: Everybody is crazy about “quick”! Lose weight quick! Burn fat quick! Fix your relationship quick! Improve your love life quick! Need more examples? Making money quick is just one voice in the choir.

I’ll tell you something: Quick simply does not work!

Sure, there are exceptions. Sure, there are lucky strikes. But you can’t base your life plan on the assumption that you would be such an exception. That you would land that lucky strike.1

When you walk down the street and find a hundred bucks, it’s a lucky strike. But you don’t make a profession out of it. You don’t quit your job and start walking the streets looking for money that fell off other people’s pockets.

Most of the time we perfectly understand that it takes a certain input of effort and energy to produce a certain output. If you want a lot of output, you need to put in a lot of energy into something. It is a fundamental priniple of life.

But it seems when someone “promises” us fast achievements, we immediately forget all about it, and rush into the shit as if our brains had been evaporated.2

Well, it is within our power to change our behaviour.

Here is a phrase from the movie The Shooter. Write it down and stick it to your computer (you may use a sticky note to stick it onto your desktop):

Slow Is Smooth And Smooth Is Quick!

Absolutely fundamental! It can’t be phrased more precisely.

Apply that to making money. Instead of constantly hunting after the next trick for making money quick, invest your time and effort to smoothly and steadily build up your business. There are no shortcuts to this.

Now go your way and rush no more! 🙂

  1. You can base you life plan on the assumption that you are exceptional though, and that is much more productive. []
  2. Disclaimer: I wrote these statements in the “we” form. This was only for stylistic reasons. I do not usually buy into the do-shit-fast stuff. 😉 []

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