How To Auto-Collapse TOC Boxes

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the question askedI’m writing this article in response to a question I’ve got recently, the answer to which I believe will be of general interest.

And the question is:

How to make automatically collapsed TOC boxes.

Once more I take pride in having made the right design choices. In this case, it’s the choice to heavily build on CSS, and include a class parameter in the TOC box to specify extra CSS classes, that enables an easy answer:

1. Edit your stylesheet, and add the following clause: ul {
	display: none;

2. Supply “auto-collapse” with the toc shortcode, like in toc class=auto-collapse or toc class=”toc-right auto-collapse”.

And there your go.

Some notes:

  • In step #2, note the quotes in the second example. They are needed to supply more than one CSS class.
  • If you want all your TOC boxes to be auto-collapsed, remove the “.auto-collapse” from the clause in step #1, and skip step #2.

Update: The TOC Boxes Demo Page contains an example auto-collapsed TOC box.

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