The Rise Of A New Spam Generation?

Mar 25, 2009   //   by Hackadelic   //   Blog  //  2 Comments
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Secrets of the Floating WorldI just went through my spam queue (as I had a couple of false positives lately), and I was very surprise to discover a comment in it that escapes the usual spam schema. Instead of the usual rubbish with little to no sense at all, this one could actually make sense, at least on some websites.

Here it is, verbatim from my spam queue (including typos):

I need a driver for my phillips snn6500 wireless netcard
or smc2632 wireless net card
I can`t make them run on linpus linux lite

please help

[rem: name removed]

Now, it is obvious that my blog doesn’t have the slightest relation to those topics, but there are many blogs that do. This made me think:

Are we about to witness the rise of a new generation of spam? A sort of “topical”, targeted spam?

Everything evolves. We should not be surprized if spam did, too.


  • Whew, the “new spam style” is spreading like a virus. Today I had already 10+ comments of the above kind – a random, but human, introductory sentence, followed by the ever-recurring “I am from X and know bad English …”

  • Update: I just got the following spam comment, which indicates my hypthesis may well be right:

    Fantastic work!.
    I am from Kuwait and know bad English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: “Airline tickets and airline reservations by airlineticketsusa.”

    Thank you so much for your future answers :D. Dilys.

    Incredible, isn’t it?

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