Getting Started With Sliding Notes And MyCSS In 4 Super-Easy Steps

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[toc class=toc-right style=”max-width:50%”]Since I published my Sliding Notes plug-in, I’ve got several emails from people new to HTML and CSS, or blogging as such, who asked me for guidance to get them started with Sliding Notes (and the MyCSS plug-in for styling).

So I decided to write this simple manual. (Which doesn’t mean I’m unhappy with you folks contacting me 😉 )

1. Get MyCSS up and running

Download MyCSS and install (unpack) the plug-in as usual. To actually get MyCSS working, create an empty file named my.css in the mycss plug-in directory. After that, you should be able to edit it on the wordpress dashboard (dashboard page Design->MyCSS).

2. Setup initial Sliding Notes CSS

Go to, and copy the CSS to your clipboard. Then switch back to your dashboard, go to Design->MyCSS, and paste the CSS code into the editor. Scroll down the page, and click on “Update CSS”.

3. Insert your first Sliding Note

Open the post editor, and enter the sample shortcode from the above homepage.

That should get you started.

4. Adjust the CSS to your site design

Open the MyCSS editor, and play around with the css, to adjust it to your site design. The CSS clauses are pretty self-explanatory, so it shouldn’t be too hard to grasp their meaning. For further information about CSS, check out w3schools.

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