PassionDuo Theme Defect – And How To Fix It

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The Face of AngerRecently, I’ve been investigating a strange effect with Sliding Notes: On one site, the notes just did not open when clicked.

A view at the HTML of the aforementioned site revealed that the whole plugin-generated footer section – that is, the JavaScript supplied by the plugin – wasn’t there! Whew! How’s that?

I digged a bit and tracked the cause of the trouble down to a misbehavior in the “PassionDuo” theme, a theme by DailyBlogTips. (Actually it is three themes, with only graphical differences.) [toc class=toc-right]

The Problem

Obviously, the PassionDuo theme fails to trigger wp_footer actions, effectively sabotaging any plug-in that depends on it.

For plug-ins, the wp_footer action is the place to add footer code to the page – often JavaScript code. It’s part of the WordPress’ protocol for themes that they invoke the wp_footer() WordPress function in the footer.php file. Needless to say, PassionDuo does not invoke it.

For users of PassionDuo to use Sliding Notes (or any other plug-in that depends on footer actions), here are the instructions to fix the theme:

The Fix

Open the file footer.php in any text editor. At the end of the file there are the closing tags


Right vefore the </div> tag, insert the code

<?php wp_footer() ?>

That’s it.1

Other Troublemakers

I was curous if PassionDuo was the only DailyBlogTips’ theme with this defect, so I checked their other themes. The following themes are equally erroneous:

  • Blue Sensation
  • Daily32
  • Decker

Practically the same fix applies to all of them.

More themes are reported in the comments – check them out. And thanks to everybody for contributing.

  1. Alternatively, you can also insert <?php do_action('wp_footer') ?>. []


  • Thank you!!! I had this same issue and was using a different template. You rock!

  • This workaround also fixed the issue for the Sliding Door theme. Thanks!

  • Awesome. Worked perfectly, thanks very much.

  • Awesome plugin that I’ve used on other sites, but for some reason IE7 won’t open the slider and the footer’s gone. I’ve checked footer.php to make sure everything was in order. Didn’t matter if I placed the call before or after , same result. Any help would be much appreciated.


    • Vince, I can’t tell what the problem is from the description you provided. But as you said, you’ve used it on other sites with no problems. So it must be something on your new site that conflicts with it – either your theme or another plugin. Contact me if you need help debugging your site.

  • cforms v8.x

    upgrading to 11.1 fixed the issue….


  • Yup, I installed on another blog with a slightly different Cutline theme and it works nicely… Am doing the process or elimination on the plugins now and will report back here the culprit…

    Great plugin – thanks.

  • Can’t wait to get this awesome plugin working!

    Seem to have a ‘no show’ issue with WP 2.85 and the Cutline theme. See the ‘Slider Note Test’ here:

    The footer.php seems ok, and I have disabled the footnotes plugin, but still get no text.

    Used my.css to add the code (thanks for that great tip!)

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    • TonyT, it’s not the Cutline theme (I know Sliding Notes is being successfully used on top of Cutline). It must be another plugin. A systematic investigation is likely to provide an answer. (I’d suggest deactivating all plugins except Sliding Notes, and it it works, activating one by one until it stops working. The last activated plugin is the trouble maker.)

  • This page uses sliders. I have javascript within each slider to hide email addresses from bots. In Safari and Chrome, the hyperlinks for the emails show up in the footer as well as their right place in the slider. again, i’m not sure if it’s a script error or the way scripts are closed in the theme. I really like your work in the slider, thank you for your work.

    • Founty, the link you gave me seems to be broken.

      Am I getting it right, you have javascript inside the slider? You mean something like
      [slider title="Click me"]

      Anyway, initially the Sliding Note contents are stored at the end of a post (that is, pretty close to the footer in most cases), so your email cloaking script may well be conflicting with that.

  • The sliders work fine on this page, however the javascript for the mailto’s show the names in the page footer. i am not sure if it the script is the error or if it’s something with the sliding notes. thanks in advanced for the help.

    • Founty, please describe your issue in more detail.

  • Thanks for the quick response.

    I use Arras’theme and the “wp_footer” is commented (“//”), so I just need to uncomment it.

  • It woks for me.

    You can put SoulVision 1.0 in the troublemakers list.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Please take the o2 theme from eches to this list!.

  • Thanks a lot…
    This issue was a headache for me until I landed on this page. The theme “SoulVision” should be added to the list. It is now working as is supposed. Many thanks.

  • You can also add Kind-of-Business theme as well. Problem fixed now, thanks for a great plugin!

  • The “Statement” template from BlogOhBlog has the same problem that can be resolved as described above.

  • Thanks for the info. Although I fixed this issue before reading the fix here but my original theme that I modified has a similar problem so you can include this theme in the list of problematic themes.

    Vroom! by Rajaie AlKorani

  • Thanks so much! This was exactly the issue and slider notes works perfectly!

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