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night wushYes, here is another release of the plugin formerly known as TOC Boxes, bringing some cool changes along.

Go get it at It’s worth upgrading. 🙂


Most obviously, there is the new name: SEO Table Of Contents. The plugin has included SEO aspects for quite a while now,1 and I felt I should pick a name that reflects it.

Another non-technical change is a switch in license from GPL to AGPL – a license which, according to the FSF, is much more appropriate for software running on the web.

Of the technical changes, here are the most important:

  • Overhauled settings storage strategy that should work better with WPMU. (Don’t worry, old-style settings are not lost. They are automatically migrated to new-style settings.)
  • Settings can be reset to “factory values”, removing them from the database. Useful when uninstalling the plugin.
  • Increased security.
  • Overhauled back-end UI.

That’s it. I hope you’ll have fun with it.

And hey, I won’t mind a bit of feedback, or a donation here and there… 😉

  1. At least, this plugin does not provide less SEO value than many other plugins out there which have “SEO” in their name. 😉 []

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